This project was born from a common desire to create an interactive installation linked to a physical object. We wanted a sensible & poetic installation that can lead the audience to amazement.
Concept - Scenario - 3D Animation
Sandy Dauneau - Scenography / 3D Animation
Paul Destandeau - Scenography / 3D / Motion - Sound design
Ibrahim Menzel - Unity dev / Electronics
Image intro vie plantastique
feuille decorative
The installation "Une Vie Plantastique" makes perceptible the connection between two energies: nature and human.

The user interacts with a plant that reveals at his approach and touch all the richness of an organic universe. During his exploration, the Human influences the energy of the environment which metamorphose at his touch. A complicity is created between him and the plant.
feuille decorative
Installation plante
conception technique
Schéma du parcours camera dans le payasage
Image installation cuivre pot de plante
Photo installation interactive presentation

research and creation

Croquis dessin character
Assets 3D paysage
Gamme colorimétrique
Paysage du personnage dormeur
Paysage du personnage danseur
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